New Toys

Well, Toy.

20141225_195937_resizedYep, that is an Action Camera mounted in it’s waterproof housing attached to the front of the boat.

The handlebar mount goes on almost perfectly on the front handle, and at this location, I can face it either forwards or backwards.  Forwards for the scenery, and back, well, lets see how bad my paddling really is!

Since the weather today was excellent, low to mid 20’s and barely a breath of wind (well 5-15km/h predicted) it was worth ducking out and giving it a go!

I did a full lap around Westlakes, then did a small triangle around the northern end and shot a couple of videos.

I have included all the details in the video, and no, it is edited so as not to bore you to tears watching nothing but me for an hour and a half!

Before I get into that, yes, it was a good day, and the 11km lap was pretty quick –  averaged 9.2km/h and given that this is the “off season”, pretty happy with that.  I guess more importantly, this was probably the first time out in this boat where I was not really concerned about swimming, which is a big boost to the overall average speed.

It started out with about a 5km/h breeze, which strengthened to about 15 mid-way thru the paddle.  Anyway, onto the video’s.

Note, no audio track on these videos.

Video 1 – Selections of the full lap.

Video 2 – The complete triangle around the end approx 11 minutes.

Well, now, not only a fun toy, an extra dimension that will allow me to see what I am doing (wrong) and hopefully improve the efficiency of my stroke.

So, how many things can you spot that I could improve in my stroke – and yeah, like I have not already seen most of them!