New Boat…

Finally, After having arranged for delivery of my new boat with one of the other entrants to the RPM, and being crook then having nothing but really crap weather for the last month I was finally able to get my New boat out on the water.

First off — it looks great!


My aim was simply to get it into the water and determine my seating position as well as try and sort out what I need to do to make it comfortable for me.

And it floats!_IGP5706-4

And I didn’t fall out!


It Sits quite nice on the water – fairly low, so unlikely to have any real issues with wind._IGP5743-41 It might be 22″ wide, but it looks narrow underneath me – and hence the need for a custom boat!_IGP5773-71 (1)

Yep, Still looking good _IGP5817-110And the best part… Even with the dodgy temporary seat….

speed_plot_20140706Did a short (2..4km) paddle down to the footbridge – into the wind (about 20km/h) and then with the wind behind me.

All things considered, being the first time I paddled this boat, that is 130mm narrower than my other boat, a temporary and very uncomfortable seat, a paddle that is not quite the right length, I still managed to see a decent turn of speed!

Put up a few more pictures in my Gallery as well.

Now, to get to work and do the little finishing touches – mount the GPS, add the cleat for the rudder cable and of course, Sort out the seat so I can sit in it for more than 30 minutes without the dreaded numb bum and legs.

If you are looking for a new boat – be it one of his already proven designs or a custom boat, then be sure to check out what Greg @  Sladecraft has – you will not be disappointed!