Day 8

We arrived back at Qualco boat ramp around 7:30am and started to prepare for a 1/2 day of paddling.  It was a perfect paddling day – the temperature was 10deg when we hit the water and the winds were light – and mostly on our backs!


It was again a very peaceful river that we set out on today just before 8am  This part of the river is still a series of relatively short sections that then twist and meander around, with yep, you guessed it – more cliffs!

Sunrise on the cliffs

We came around a corner to be greeted with the lighter tones of sandstone that have been carved over a millennium by the river, and the early morning sun hitting them.  The cliffs define the direction the river chose all that time ago.

more cliffs

A few km further on, we had yes, you guessed it, yet another cliff – this one was quite long and curved around.

Eventually the cliffs fell away and we wandered thru more lowlands.

Before we knew it we had done 11km and arrived at Hogwash Bend – the start for the last leg of the RPM 100, where we take a quick break.


Until now we had not seem any of the now familiar blue signs and the first one we saw for the day was 348 on a tree in the flat-country.348

We wandered along with the river now not twisting and turning quite as much and decidedly wider.  Yes, a cliff in the distance is always a welcome sight as it means a change in direction coming up.


The 18km just seemed to fly past and before we knew it the Cadell Ferry was in front of us.

Cadell Ferry

We took a short break at Cadell after going around the corner, before getting back onto the last 11km for the day.  Now this is a section of the river I am very familiar with, having paddled upstream from Morgan to Cadell several times of the last 5 years or so.  Yes, I still love the scenery, with cliffs and lowlands along the way.

Cliffs and lowland

Now, we knew that this was a special bit of the river and we were on the lookout for a Marker and yes, it was there!

326326 – what is so important about this? well it signifies we are 1/2 way from our stating point in NSW to Goolwa!

Just a little further on we came to, yes, you guessed it another cliff and another bend in the river, but again a significant one.

Morgan Cliffs

The left turn at the Morgan Cliffs are the end of our Westward journey, and now we are on our run South to the coast, and also, it reminded us we had just a few more km for the day.  It was also where we hit some other’s out enjoying a day on the water and contended with a few people skiing – and as we move southward, we know that there will be more and more river traffic – especially on the weekends when we are paddling.

Morgan Wharf

You can make out the Historic Morgan Wharf  – the dark bit in the photo – and in the distance the Morgan Ferry.  We didn’t cross the ferry today, but stopped just short at the Morgan boat ramp with 41km under the belt for the day and only 319km left to go.

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  1. We have a Family history trek around SA next weekend. Not exactly sure of the schedule at this point. We will try to meet you along the way if we can.

  2. Again very beautiful, see you at work and you can continue with all this next week 🙂


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