Day 3

Sunday morning saw us back at Plushs Bend and ready to go a little before 8am.

It was already hot! at about 30 Deg.

As we were setting up there was an “interesting” canoe on the bank – yep made from corrugated iron!


tin canoe

Even though it was hot, there was not even a breath of wind – the river was like a mirror.


and again…


It was an unbelievable in the spectacular scenery we had to contend with these sort of views for around 18km this morning. We were not only fortunate in having a mirror-like river, but as we were down from the Lock, we also had a nice bit of flow for about an hour or so that really pushed us along.

A short break

After about an hour, we pulled in for a short 5 minute break to stretch the legs and again take in the spectacular views!

At this time the sun was rising and we did not have much shade from the trees each side.

We did not see many of the river markers today, we spotted 546, and 544 – if you look carefully, you can see a couple of ducks that took off as we passed the marker.


Today, whilst it was relatively flat, was so different and yet magnificent in it’s own way.

Before we knew it we were at the Lyrup Ferry, about 22km from our starting point.

Lyrup FerryWe stopped just passed the ferry and met our land crew for a 10 minute snack and a cold drink and were surprised to note that the temperature had not changed since we started – it was still about 30 C

Around the bend and we saw our only Cliffs for the day

Lyrup Cliffs

And we were also met with a headwind of about 15km/h as we turned the corner – the first sign of any wind for the day

As we passed the end of the cliffs the wind dropped right off – we surmised that the cliffs must have been funneling the wind right along this section of the river.

It was not long until we arrived at Martin’s Bend

Martins Bend

As we were about 10 minutes earlier than we expected, we decided to do the 2km and keep going into Berri.

We passed our last river marker for the day between Martins Bend and Berri – 528

Berri Bridge

With the Berri road bridge, in sight we kept an eye out for the boat ramp.


Yep, it was pretty obvious where we were.

Almost there

With our land crew in sight we were nearly done for the day.

End day 3

After another 30.5km of the Murray and a total of just over 125km for the weekend, all that was left to do was to pack up.

The last 10km from Lyrup saw the temperature rise from 30 and it was well over 40 by the time we arrived in Berri.

Now, both Brad and myself have paddled the RPM 200 twice each, and in the same boats we are paddling in.  The next 200km will not bring any real surprises in the scenery, but we will have the opportunity to stop and grab some photos of some of our favourite bits of it!

When we packed up and got into the car to head home the temperature in the car had hit 47degrees!  And on our way back into Adelaide ran into a storm and saw the temperature drop to 23 degrees – why oh why could it not have been that temperature all weekend for us!

I’ll try and find a bit of time this week to put together a bit more of a summary!

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  1. We camped right next to that tin canoe at Plush’ bend. Even took the kayak in there where you paddled. I should have waited a few days for you to catch up! lol
    Enjoying your posts. keep them coming.

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