New year, new look

Well, since it has been over a year I decided to do a small change to my site and swap out the header image.

The old image was from the 2012 RPM and the new Image is from the 2013 RPM.

paddlingThe original Header (with Boat # 5)

I was a bit un-decided about which image to choose this time, between 2

RPM-2013-2.jpgThe above one was on the morning of day 2.

cropped-RPM_20132.jpgI settled for using this one from Day 1.

Now for the astute, you will notice that this year, I have a different paddle, which I did discuss in another post and yes, It does make a bit of difference.  The astute would also notice that one of the things I did in my summer maintenance was to add the GPS mount to the boat.  Whilst it seems like only a small thing, it is in fact one of the best things I have done.  Previously, I just had my GPS sitting on my spray deck, which meant looking down or more often than not picking it up so I could read it.  Now, everything is right where I need it and yes, having this on display does help keep you honest!