with only 4 days to go…

.. and all the training out of the way, there is still a lit left to do – the packing,checking and re-packing of everything to be able to have a decent go at a 3-day 208km Marathon!

Well, I have done around 15km or so each Thursday night, at least 30km each weekend and even though I wish I had another 2 -3 months to get ready, I don’t.  After almost every Sunday after paddling 30+km, I kept thinking that no way am I ready, maybe I should only be doing the 100km race instead, then only to come out on Thursday and have a ripper of a session and wondering what I was thinking about only doing 100k’s!

With such a short prep, I am pretty pleased that I did in fact manage to do at least 30km a week in the start, and managed to finish up on doing close to 50km a week.

Final steps are to look at my Race Plan  for the weekend, just a simple plan of where I should be at what times to stay ahead of the Record I have my eyes on breaking, double checking that I have the fuel to make it to the end.

Well, lets just see how much I break the 28:31:52 current record by!  This record calculates out to a mere 7.3km/h average, and all my training is pointing towards around 8km/h – and I will plan for the worst of being a bit slower, just in case of headwinds and of course the longer distance, so I hope to bring this down to about 26:45:00.

Lets break it down a touch

Day 1  76km / 7.8km/h = 9:45:00
Day 2  69km / 7.8km/h = 8:52:00
Day 3  63km / 7.8km/h = 8:08:00

It would be great to do it faster, but unless we get a good strong tail-wind it is unlikely

Lets just see what happens and how it all pans out over the weekend.