2012 in Review and looking forward

Well with 2012 now in the bag, and having completed all the events that I set out to compete in and breaking a few records along the way, 2012 was a good paddling year!

As you can see from an earlier post, I did manage to complete all the events I had planned to in the beginning of the year.

Now, that 2013 is here, it is time to set myself a few challenges for the new year – and of course, they are going to be a bit bigger and harder than 2012!

So here goes, in 2013 my plan is to compete in and complete the following Marathons (and maybe a few smaller ones along the way)

  • MCC-SA Back to Back – with a target time of 2H30m each day.
  • MCC-SA RPM – this year, I will do the 208km Event with a target time of less than 26hrs (breaking the 28h + class record)
  • HCC – This will be my 4th HCC and this year, I am setting myself a finish time of 06:00am – 1h 40m faster than in 2012.
  • MCC-SA Xmas Race – lets set a time of less than 3h 20!
  • MM – the whole 404km – with a target of just completing each day within the cut-off times (and thus recording a finish for the event)

With such a tough schedule, I am giving myself a “short break” from training for a few weeks while I do a few minor repairs on my boat.  I will be doing over 750km in Events this year and probably about another 1200km in training!

Ambitious?  Well, yes.  If it was easy, well, then anybody could do it.

What challenges have you set yourself for 2013?

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