Time flies when…

…you realize you have less than 12 weeks to go!

Yes, already, we are well under-way in the run-down to the 2014 RPM, with now just under 12 weeks of available training opportunities.

My entry is in, again for the 200, and My best-made plans for a 16-17 week lead up have already slipped.  Well yes, life and work, along with the extreme heat during February had an impact on the starting times, but It only slipped by a week or 2.

Now, after my first couple of weeks, I am already fairly happy with the progress I have been making.  I have been able to get out at least twice a week, and even on my longer Sunday morning sessions, I have been pretty well right on last Years’ Race-pace of around the 8km/h mark.  If I look back over last year, it took me a good few weeks to come anywhere near close.

A combination of paddling, both longer and shorter (harder) sessions and cardio sessions are well underway, and even though I took a considerable break over summer, it really feels like everything is coming together already, let’s hope I can keep the momentum up for the next 3 month’s.

Whilst I have only been doing about 20km so far, In the next 2-3 weeks will get this up a bit higher, and again working on how and when I can eat and fuel the body.

Nutrition and food

Lets make no mistake, I love my food, but when it comes to paddling, it is also a lot about what and when you eat to fuel the engine.  Already, I have found a few things that do not agree with me again, let me elaborate a little.

My Sunday Morning paddle is not just about getting plenty of time in the boat, it is also about trying to emulate (approx) the time between when I will be able to eat before the actual event as well.  Knowing that I will be eating around about 1 1/4 hrs before start each morning, I endeavor to do the same thing wile training.

Now, I have 2 aims with my food before paddling.  The primary aim is that it will sustain and provide for my immediate energy needs for the next few hours of paddling, and Secondly, that I actually eat something that does not give me heartburn!  Yes, heartburn (for me) is a massive downside when paddling for more than a couple of hours, so I need to choose a good meal that I don’t end up “enjoying” again and again!

What I have found works best for me will probably not be the best for everyone, so I strongly urge you as part of your training to determine what you can and cannot eat.  For me, the best pre-paddling breakfast is simply a fried egg on toast.  It is a decent mix of Protein and Carbs (with a little bit of fat).  I have tried mixing it up with a bit of ham or bacon and tomato, but nope – It is not so good a few hours later.

Just as importantly, I like to have something to eat within 30 minutes of finishing a longer session.  Of course, similar considerations need to be taken as well with what you eat at this time.  Yes, it typically means that whatever you eat it has been in the car for a few hours, so again, choose something appropriate.  I find that a cheese and Vegemite sandwich is a pretty good thing for me – something again that is not too heavy and is fairly easy to eat.