Border2Beach – Murray River 2016

Wow – it is about to start!

Over the Weekends in March we (Myself and Brad) will paddle the entire length of the Murray River in South Australia from just upstream of the NSW Border at Higgins Cutting to the Murray Mouth at Goolwa.

In the coming days we will post some links where you you will be able to track our progress in (near) real time on a map.

It was nearly a year ago when we first discussed this and a lot has happened but everything is actually coming together

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3 thoughts on “Border2Beach – Murray River 2016

  1. Hi there,thanks for your post on our blog. We are leaving Mildura tomorrow.
    Hope to see you, regards Mike

    • Hi Mike – Great to chat – and it looks like our paths might cross with you all over the weekend.

  2. Looking Forward to all the goss’ re your paddling
    Love Mary

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