.. .you just wonder WTF you have decided to do!

After having a great weekend out last Weekend at the B2B, then a good 12km @ 8.1km/h paddle on Thursday night in near perfect conditions, to come up against the horror of today!  Well, it was everything that you don’t want when you are out training – with overcast and a few light showers along with 40+km/h winds, it made for some tough conditions.

Yep, the wind direction was the worst possible direction, then it changed at the wrong time to really put the slipper in!  Today, with only a few short weeks left to go to the RPM (well 3 weeks, 6 days!), I had to up the distance and put in a 30km paddle – and all I could manage was 7.6km/h (3h57m).  With The distance each day between 63 and 76km each day, I need to be out and racking up 30+ km in training for the next 3 weekends!

I had a really nice first 5km, with about 3 of those with the wind behind me and my avg speed was right up there, but then, I turned back into the wind which picked up and that was literally the last of the tail-wind I had all day (well, not quite, I did have about another 2km of tail-wind towards the end of the paddle).

Yes, I know, it is all good – as I have no way of knowing how much head-wind I will cop in the ‘200 or how much rain etc etc etc, and of course, everyone will be in the same situation.


Well, on to other more interesting matters – the Entries have already opened for the HCC and I was one of the first entrants.  Please Get behind me and sponsor me to help in my $1000 fund-raising goal this year.